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Raising the Curtain on Merton

I haven’t mentioned how wonderful the transport system is.  Even better when you have an app that tells you the quickest way to get somewhere or if there are any delays.  We have names this app The Oracle.  This morning it changed our route because there were delays on the line we were going to take. We made it to Paddington station on time!

The other great thing about public transport is the people you meet.  Helpful locals that point out what park you are passing, or chat about Welsh culture and language.  But the funniest person we have met whilst traveling was the trolley man on our trip to Wales.  Firstly, he came past offering tea, coffee and viper’s noses.  He then handed the lady next to me her cup of coffee and said “Thanks Mary” when she paid.  I thought she must have been a regular on the train for him to know her name.  Then we realised he called every lady Mary, and every man David.  Even when Ben corrected hm, telling him his name was Ben, he replied “Of course it is David”. Priceless.


Two buses, the tube, and a taxi and we arrived at Oxford’s Merton College ready to sing in the Chapel.  Oxford really is spectacular.

We rehearsed for an hour or two, then performed for a small audience, however some tourists who came to see the Chapel stayed once they heard us singing.

Despite the fact that we are a group of 12, we have never shared a meal together.  We rectified this situation after our performance, sharing a superb lunch at the Beefeater Grill. I completed my meal with tea and scones. Yes, I’m in England.

After lunch and a little shopping some people travelled back home, whilst some stayed in Oxford for a service for the Life an Work of Benjamin Britten.




A Day in London


We bused into the city to rehearse then perform a lunchtime concert concert at St Katharine Cree – a beautiful little church right near the base of the Gherkin.  There we met with John Ewington, the retiring General Secretary of the Guild of Church Musicians and the reason we have been invited here.

Although we didn’t have a huge audience, they loved the concert with many people commenting on the variety of music, our skill and musicianship, but most of, the sound that 10 singers could produce.

Having such a small group has meant we all need to know are music REALLY well.  Congratulations to Chantelle who has only been in the choir for a month and has managed to learn music, words (in Mandarine as well!) and choralography in a very short time.

During the concert Callum made his London debut as an organ soloist, and Susan, Ben and Lachlan really shined as soloists in some of our pieces.

After the concert we went in various directions. Some home to rest, some to The Tower of London, whilst Philip and Callum went to The Royal College of Music where Philip studied.  And there, in the library’s for sale section was a Chamber Choir CD!




Oops! Wrong picture!

Oops! Wrong picture!


A Madman in a Blue Box

Today we had no performances, just traveling back to London. Since we were so to Wales border we decided to make a day trip to Cardiff to see the Doctor Who Experience.Image

(NB traveling handy hint : if you book trains online at home, take the credit card you used with you.)

A fabulous time was had by one and all, even those who didn’t know much about Doctor Who before hand.

Doctor Who, a scrumptious lunch, a scenic bus ride through Cardiff and we travelled back to London quite weary from our two days away, but having seen a great deal of the English and Welsh countryside and met some lovely people.

To complete a wonderful day we caught a bus through London seeing so many beautiful buildings. A little scary to drive past St Paul’s Cathedral – it’s SO big – and we are singing there on Friday!

But we seem to have lost Philip and Bernadette………Image



The Taming of the Shrewsbury

Sunday we travelled the rails to Shrewsbury in Shropshire.  Training through the countryside I understand why the early English settlers called the land they discovered  New South Wales.  Although not in south Wales, the countryside is so similar to the mid west of New South Wales.

ImageOn arrival we taxied through the ancient buildings of Shrewsbury to the magnificent St Chads church. It is apparently one of the three circular churches in England. Very beautiful.

We sang Evensong service, then a concert.  The audience was very welcoming. First performances on a tour are always a little nerve wracking, however our audience was very enthusiastic with comments ranging from “the most exciting concert I have ever been to” to “I really quite enjoyed it”.

After a full day of rehearsing, traveling, service and concert we went out for pizza with some members of the St Chad congregation who were billeting us for the night.  For all accounts everyone thoroughly enjoyed their stay. I had a lovely evening and morning with my billets in the little village of Dorrington. Thanks to all those from St Chad’s who looked after us so well.

After a restful sleep we are off to Cardiff, Wales for a day of being a tourist.



Handy hints for travellers

We are all still alive and mainly well.

So far we have had a few days of rehearsing and much exploring of Old London Town.

We all travelled here separately, so over the course of Thursday and Friday one by one we arrived at our flat in Hackney.  It is fairly small (12 of us in 3 bedrooms) but nice and warm.  It also has been great to have a rehearsal space where we are staying.

Friday and Saturday we have rehearsed then people have gone out into the town.

Saturday afternoon we ventured up to our local pub, The Cat and Mutton to be surprised by some lovely markets down the entire main street.  Fruits, veggies, breads and cheeses (yum) plus all manner of crafty things.

I personally ate a fabulous german hot dog before making purchases for dinner and lunch.

Today is Sunday and we are off to Shrewsbury to sing at evensong and then a concert. It is our first performance for the tour and our biggest sing, so baptism by fire.

Things we have learnt so far :

Don’t tell Ben that you have yummy food.

Geoff plus cupboard equals large gash.

Sharing a house with 12 people requires excellent bladder stamina.

But most importantly……

Buy your National Rail Tickets BEFORE you leave home.

That’s all for now,



UK bound

Well, it’s been less than a year since we returned from the US and next week a small group from the Chamber is heading off for a 10 day tour of the UK.  We will be singing in several churches, culminating in the Guild of Church Musiciuans Festival in Canterbury Cathedral.  Very exciting.

I hope to post most days.

See you on the other side……



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