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Continuing to make music together

Echology always has lots of people moving in and out of our ranks.  People move away or move onto other things.  Often times they come back.  We have a few people in our ranks at the moment that are returning after a stint doing other things.

This also means that when a performance is on, everyone has a wide array of talented people to call on.

Callum Close, who is now the director of Newcastle City Choir, was able to call on his Echology friends for the City Choir’s upcoming Rejoice! Concert.2016-05-11 20.01.52

As we were rehearsing Vivaldi’s ‘Gloria’ on Wednesday night, I counted 16 people who have sung in Echology had joined for this performance.  The three soloists have all sung with Echology.

It’s lovely to be able to continue to share this love of music together.

2016-05-11 19.43.17