Applause at St Paul’s


St Paul’s is truly a remarkable building with outstanding acoustics.  It was a little frightening walking up the stairs this morning knowing that we were to sing there.

However, we did! We sang to a large and appreciative audience and it has been the highlight of the tour so far.  The Organ Scholar at the Cathedral, Richard, was most enthusiastic about our performance and particularly thought the Sam Donovan pieces we did were “brilliant”.

After singing, we explored the Cathedral, its cafe in the Crypt and climbed the stairs to the various levels of the dome.


Sue and I decided we would take a tour bus to see a little more of the city.  Our tour guide asked us about the St Paul’s stickers on our clothes and we mentioned that we had sung there at lunchtime.  He then talked over the microphone about the famous choir members on the bus.  Each time he said something the story got bigger.  By the time we alighted from the bus, it was as though we were movie stars.  Very funny.


1 Response to “Applause at St Paul’s”

  1. 1 Mere Alto
    May 4, 2013 at 09:13

    Hi All! It sounds like you’re having a fabulous time! I would have loved to have sung at St Paul’s as I used to admire it every time I walked past to collect my mail at Poste Restante. It is a beautiful building.

    I’m really enjoying the blogs, Phillippa :-)! Great job! Very nice ASSonance :-)!

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