Raising the Curtain on Merton

I haven’t mentioned how wonderful the transport system is.  Even better when you have an app that tells you the quickest way to get somewhere or if there are any delays.  We have names this app The Oracle.  This morning it changed our route because there were delays on the line we were going to take. We made it to Paddington station on time!

The other great thing about public transport is the people you meet.  Helpful locals that point out what park you are passing, or chat about Welsh culture and language.  But the funniest person we have met whilst traveling was the trolley man on our trip to Wales.  Firstly, he came past offering tea, coffee and viper’s noses.  He then handed the lady next to me her cup of coffee and said “Thanks Mary” when she paid.  I thought she must have been a regular on the train for him to know her name.  Then we realised he called every lady Mary, and every man David.  Even when Ben corrected hm, telling him his name was Ben, he replied “Of course it is David”. Priceless.


Two buses, the tube, and a taxi and we arrived at Oxford’s Merton College ready to sing in the Chapel.  Oxford really is spectacular.

We rehearsed for an hour or two, then performed for a small audience, however some tourists who came to see the Chapel stayed once they heard us singing.

Despite the fact that we are a group of 12, we have never shared a meal together.  We rectified this situation after our performance, sharing a superb lunch at the Beefeater Grill. I completed my meal with tea and scones. Yes, I’m in England.

After lunch and a little shopping some people travelled back home, whilst some stayed in Oxford for a service for the Life an Work of Benjamin Britten.



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