A Day in London


We bused into the city to rehearse then perform a lunchtime concert concert at St Katharine Cree – a beautiful little church right near the base of the Gherkin.  There we met with John Ewington, the retiring General Secretary of the Guild of Church Musicians and the reason we have been invited here.

Although we didn’t have a huge audience, they loved the concert with many people commenting on the variety of music, our skill and musicianship, but most of, the sound that 10 singers could produce.

Having such a small group has meant we all need to know are music REALLY well.  Congratulations to Chantelle who has only been in the choir for a month and has managed to learn music, words (in Mandarine as well!) and choralography in a very short time.

During the concert Callum made his London debut as an organ soloist, and Susan, Ben and Lachlan really shined as soloists in some of our pieces.

After the concert we went in various directions. Some home to rest, some to The Tower of London, whilst Philip and Callum went to The Royal College of Music where Philip studied.  And there, in the library’s for sale section was a Chamber Choir CD!



1 Response to “A Day in London”

  1. May 1, 2013 at 20:45

    No words for you other than how thoroughly jealous I am of all your experiences. Hurry home and don’t go to anything exciting along the way, or I’ll have to start skyping in on your tourist funtimes and performances instead of sleeping.

    Love you all! xo

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