Handy hints for travellers

We are all still alive and mainly well.

So far we have had a few days of rehearsing and much exploring of Old London Town.

We all travelled here separately, so over the course of Thursday and Friday one by one we arrived at our flat in Hackney.  It is fairly small (12 of us in 3 bedrooms) but nice and warm.  It also has been great to have a rehearsal space where we are staying.

Friday and Saturday we have rehearsed then people have gone out into the town.

Saturday afternoon we ventured up to our local pub, The Cat and Mutton to be surprised by some lovely markets down the entire main street.  Fruits, veggies, breads and cheeses (yum) plus all manner of crafty things.

I personally ate a fabulous german hot dog before making purchases for dinner and lunch.

Today is Sunday and we are off to Shrewsbury to sing at evensong and then a concert. It is our first performance for the tour and our biggest sing, so baptism by fire.

Things we have learnt so far :

Don’t tell Ben that you have yummy food.

Geoff plus cupboard equals large gash.

Sharing a house with 12 people requires excellent bladder stamina.

But most importantly……

Buy your National Rail Tickets BEFORE you leave home.

That’s all for now,



1 Response to “Handy hints for travellers”

  1. 1 Mere Alto
    April 28, 2013 at 23:48

    Poor Bongo’s looking a little bit jet-lagged. It usually takes around 3 days before it hits. Hope the first concert goes well xx

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