Day twenty-two

Our first competition section today: Music of Religions! We performed in the Masonic Hall, which has a great stage area. The whole day was streamlined: all extraneous segments removed so all we really had to focus on was the competition.

It went really well. We performed Marrkapmirr, Ave Verum Corpus (the Drury one – ie. the pretty one), Sunrise on the Coast and Bayami. The last two have taken a while to get up to the right standard, but they’ve been zooming along in the past week or so, as our rehearsals became more pointed. I think the climax of Bayami’s potential was when we were practicing in the holding room beforehand and one of the other choirs came in. It was like we suddenly realised the ferocity (and comparative gentleness) of the song. I think it may even have been the difference between practicing the song and performing it, because we’ve only performed it twice (?) before, so we’re still finding where it sits, and this was our first performance since we’d really pulled it up to scratch. It was very satisfying.

It would have been nice to be able to see the performances of the other groups as well, but I guess it’s better to be happy with how we went than to sit around comparing ourselves to the different choirs. So we piled back into the bus afterwards back to the hotel. Our bus driver was lovely enough to stick around for ten minutes then drive a load of us to Appleby’s for dinner (mmm, steaks that are cheap and good!).

When we got back after dinner there was some last minute sorting of the Chamber Choir category (our first competition section tomorrow morning) and a whole lot of practice, as we have our other two categories on tomorrow. Musica Contemporanea is in the afternoon, so there’s a little more time to look at that . . . sort of.

So far we’re doing well! Tomorrow will be a blast!


1 Response to “Day twenty-two”

  1. 1 Judi walker
    July 14, 2012 at 16:39

    And I see you got the silver medal. Congratulation everyone. So proud of you.

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