Day seventeen

Our last day in Bermuda! I celebrated with a last swim, and the whole choir gathered on the beach for a photograph. We’ve had a lovely time here, and while it’s sad to be moving on, we’ll be able to get dressed into dry clothes and get into the competition, hooray!

Yes, there are only a few days until the World Choir Games begins. Well, it’s sort of already begun: there are two separate weeks of competition, and our events are taking place in the second week. Still, it’s time for us to get started!

Heading to the airport, we called out our goodbyes to the island. It would be wonderful to come back, but the chances of that happening seem low at the moment. I’ll wait until I’ve made my millions and then I’ll come and stay at the hotel where I ate on the first evening.

Getting through the airport took a while. For most of our choir members, it took about five or ten minutes (that’s a well-considered, literal five or ten as opposed to the twenty I was hearing from other members) to get our boarding passes. We found out afterwards that the machines were having some trouble with the Australian passports, which explains why there was only one of our blue choir shirts about every fifty people along in the line into the baggage check. But we did all get through eventually, and onto the plane.

Flying out with one last look at the water was amazing. Even about five kilometres out from the shore we could still see the rocks under the water. Aaargh, so blue! So pretty! Then it was goodbye world, and sleepy time.

We had a stopover in Charlotte for five hours, and wandered through the massive airport for a while. Koala and I found a piano player playing a whole lot of pop songs in the food court area and when we spoke with her, she suggested we get the choir down there for a sing-a-long. Everyone was so scattered that it took a while to find everyone, but we got a handful of people to come along, even Angela, Lesley’s daughter, who sang a song that her school choir has been doing. We ended up going through the pianist’s songbooks and finding a bunch of songs we vaguely knew so we could harmonise along together. Some of the other people in the airport were filming us on their phones, but I can’t find it on the internet anywhere, sadly.

The flight into Cincinnati was smooth rolling for the most part, but when we began descent there was a bit of rollercoaster-like turbulence. Oops, there goes my stomach, dropping so much I think it may have fallen out of the plane. But it was over soon and we got in to the airport safely and to our new home, the Comfort Inn.


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