Day fifteen

After our morning rehearsal, I found out that there had been some night-time adventures. Around 3am when Belinda got up to use the bathroom, she came back to the dorm behind a large frog, hopping along the path. It proceeded to hop into the girls’ dorm, and, yes, at 3am, she had to round it up and chase it out of the dormitory, with all the girls still sleeping soundly – or me, at the very least. Nicely done.

We travelled into town for another small performance in the park. It was a lovely spot to sing, and we even found a ledge to stand on, emulating the usual stage in a more natural setting. We intended to have another rehearsal afterwards, but when we arrived at the building it was locked, so we waiting in the adjacent park for the man who would unlock it, and found a bunch of kids playing with some lizards. The lizards here all seem so tame – they were just sitting on people’s shoulders, allowing all sorts of attention.

Afterwards we were set free around town. Shopping, eating, attempting to catch ferries but giving up due to projected arrival times . . . I’ll get back around to swimming at some point, but I’m attempting to not get too much sun. At least while I was in town today I finally found some sunscreen. Now I won’t have to scab off everyone else!

In the evening we presented a workshop, in St. Paul’s Paget, running through songs we’re well familiar with, and some songs that I hadn’t seen before. Always better to have something new to learn than just grow stagnant, though.

Then it was home to no showers, due to the water having run out. There was a small picnic outside the girls’ dorms for a while (hopefully there aren’t any crumbs that will attract the frog back), and then people trickled into bed. And then we slept. And then the blog ended. Goodnight!


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