Day twelve

I must note as I post this that I’ve not been able to post for a few days. This is because we’ve been in Bermuda, where there was no wi-fi in our lodgings. I still wrote a blog for each day, so I’ll catch up with more frequent updates until we’re back to date! For now, back to where we were in our story, at day twelve:

Ahh, a late start. You don’t know how good a sleep-in is until you travel on a schedule. I crawled out of bed around 10 and flirted with the idea of not doing a single thing until rehearsal, until Annie told me there was a taxi downstairs so come down and let’s go somewhere! Okay, okay.

So Annie, Koala and I bundled into a taxi, with ideas of where to go and what to see and when to be back at the hotel. The taxi driver was very helpful. When we pointed out there were a few things we wanted to go to, he said he could take us on a tour. At the price of $27 for one hour (not each, but for all!) we thought it was a baaargain.

We went past the Capitol, which was even closer than it looked, and by the House of Representatives; there were a few streets that were closed off while they made preparations for the Independence Day celebrations; along the length of a whole street were museums, left and right -one was called the Newseum, and was all about the media: important press cases, how they broke, the sorts of tools used in the trade, etc..

We went close by the Washington Monument, and past a row of cherry blossom trees which Japan gifted to America in 1912. As we kept driving, we noticed some huge trees that had splintered in two and fallen apart, and our driver told us that earlier in the week there had been a huge electrical storm. It knocked out the power, and smashed down some trees. One of the others in the car piped up that that was why the hotel had had some problems with keycards. Some of the cards hadn’t worked until we went down and had them seen to – makes sense that a storm that big could have been fiddling with the elektricks inside, methinks.

One thing that was amazing to visit was the Martin Luther King Jnr. statue. All three of us hopped out of the taxi to take photos of it, not realising until two minutes later that our driver could have driven off with our stuff inside . . . whoops. But he was still there and still very friendly when we got back, and we didn’t have all of our ID and money stolen, hurray!

We saw so many more things as we drove, but it would be hard to tell you about them all. Eventually we went off to lunch and gave our driver a big tip, because he was such a good quality tour around the city, and so nice, too!

In the evening, we had a performance in the Australian embassy, and spent maybe a little too long learning how to clap in time for people of our age. Nevertheless, the performance went really well. We had to chop and change a few songs from the list due to time constraints, but as we mingled afterwards the crowd seemed friendly and really enthused about the performance, so we gave them an impromptu version of Birds, which easily lends itself to a more casual layout anyway.

On the way home, our bus driver, Yuri, took us around to see some of the sights. We even stopped at the Lincoln memorial to get a group photo on the grass outside, and were press-ganged into performing there. When we went inside, to see old Abe, we were asked by the people there to perform again, but after basically just the opening of David Drury’s Ave Verum Corpus we were stopped by a security guard. Apparently singing counts as a public demonstration, so we needed a permit for it. Ah well, we can’t help being so popular.


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