Day thirteen

Urrrgh, after such a nice sleep-in yesterday, today we had to wake up at about 4:30am. Why, why, why? Oh wait, to fly out to Bermuda. No problem, then!

We rolled out of bed and down to the first floor (maybe some people walked, but I don’t know why they’d go to the effort that early when the carpet was so soft), where there was some coffee waiting for us. Just before we left the hotel people kindly brought out some cereal and muffins, too.

The flight over to Bermuda was shorter than I expected – only two and a bit hours. We arrived to a small terminal where you weren’t made to step through fifteen different machines before you were cleared for entry. Instead of a bus for all of us, we had several taxis. Five of us piled into one and set off to the military barracks, where we’re currently staying. The drive was a little unsettling for me. The narrow roads, winding paths along the coastline and seemingly careless drivers made me think so much of Japan that I started feeling a little homesick for my favourite country (sorry, Aus). Even the safety instructions in the car were only in Japanese. But all the houses here are bright pastel colours, which departs from the Japanese style, so I suppose I can try to focus elsewhere instead.

And yes, we’re staying at a military barracks. Considering the price of all the other accommodation, I can understand why, too. But this is almost like being on a retreat: bunk beds in two big dorms, bathrooms with lines of showers, not enough room for privacy, sunny weather, and lots of physical activity. Well, the activity is mostly because we’re right across from the beach.

Oh, and the beaches! Ahh, so pretty! I went for a swim this arvo with some of the girls, and spent so long trying to pull my mind around the idea that we’re in Bermuda and I’m actually swimming in this blue, blue, blue, ocean . . . It’s fantastic!

When we decided we were hungry, George, Anthea, Keira, Eloise, Jacob and I trundled down for what we’d heard was about a 700m walk to the golf club down the road. It turned out to be more like a few kilometres, and by the time we navigated our way to the hotel at the top of the course, we’d decided that if it wasn’t the place we were looking for we wouldn’t move anyway. The heat and slope added together for tiredliness.

But the food was amazing. From the look of the place, we’d expected the prices to be through the roof, but it was only a little bit more than normal meals in Australia, and mouth-wateringly good. The cocktails were bright and alluring, and even the smoothies were served in fancy glasses. Then to add on top of that, our server was one of the friendliest people I’ve met – although everyone here seems to be so easy-going that it shouldn’t have been a surprise.

We left thoroughly content.

Back at camp, the choir was invited to hang out in the Officer’s Mess, and a few of us wandered over to the small room with a pool table and a bar. I watched the game of pool in process, and was informed that so far our boys hadn’t lost – which I later found meant that the mechanism underneath hadn’t surrendered the white ball and they’d had to tip the table up to get it. They then proceeded to lose the game in process, and I joined in for a delicious victory. Indeed. My skill and prowess and ability to not pot any balls resulted in a win through default when the officer accidentally potted the white ball at the same time as the black one. Success!

As the night closed up and we all went to bed, it seemed like the end of a long day, but around 12am a siren sounded. We looked up blearily, wondering what was going on, and heard cries of “Fire! There’s smoke!” A turtle could have evacuated the building faster. It turned out to be just a drill, for which I’m thankful, as a lot of the choir members slept right through it. At least we had enough people paying attention that if there had been a problem, we could have woken them up. I guess everyone was just tired from the 4:30am wake-up for the flight.


1 Response to “Day thirteen”

  1. 1 Erin Kerr
    July 8, 2012 at 16:58

    Bermuda sounds wonderful. I’m green with envy. The weather here in Newcastle is cold and cloudy and just plain yuk.

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