Day ten

We got to perform at the UN on day 10 (note: I write this on the next day and am trying to keep my tenses unmuddled if I can). This time we didn’t get evacuated from the building, for which I’m sure the people organising the event were thankful.

The day was spent in rehearsal and finally at 2pm the event started. It was live-streamed on the internet, and is still available on the UN website here if any of you are interested in watching! The event itself was almost two and a half hours, and while I highly recommend you check out the other six choirs too, we sung in the opening and closing songs as well as our own segment, which can be found this far through the recording, if you want to skip ahead:

18:30: opening song, Song of Peace (Iculo Lokuthula).

1:08:30: our segment, Priidite, Mo Li Hua, Birds, Slangpolksa Efter Byss-Kalle.

2:14:00: closing song, Rhythms of One World.

Oh, and also exciting: the Rhythms of One World celebration, specifically Thursday’s performance, was written about in the New York Times! Our choir was mentioned: “The University of Newcastle Chamber Choir from Australia sang The Owl & the Pussycat and deftly navigated the brisk counterpoint of a lively arrangement of Slangpolska Efter Byss-Kalle.” Hooray!

After the performance at the UN, we rushed back to the hotel to get cleaned up and changed, so that we could get onto a celebratory cruise, where we got to dance and chat with people from the other choirs. We went right past the Statue of Liberty, lit up in the dark. Very pretty.

When we eventually got home, it was pack, pack, pack, so that we could be ready to leave New York in the morning! We had a wonderful time exploring and getting to know the people we kept seeing, like the workers at the diner we frequented for breakfast, and our guide, Victor. They’ve been wonderful to us while we were around.


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