Day eight

Today we went and saw the Statue of Liberty. Yes indeedy, we hopped on the ferry and rocked our way over the water towards that statue that, as the recording told us, “so many immigrants pass on their way to America.” Information plates about the statue were all around the island, which had touristy sidewalks and protective railings alongside lush green grass and shady trees. We wandered in our small packs to find a better view, touristing our way around the whole place. I learned that the reason why the statue is green is because it’s made of copper and apparently that’s just the way copper oxidises over a period of years. Cool, hey?

When we got back to shore, Koala managed to get himself involved in a street performance, where the performer flipped over him, at the back of a line of about five people. It’s okay, though – we got him back in one piece!

The afternoon and evening were spent entrenched in music. We rehearsed with the other choirs taking part in the Rhythms of One World celebration, did our sound check and then finally performed. It’s much different singing in a group that large than in a group of about 35. Or maybe it was just that I didn’t know the people I was standing next to. Still, always enjoy a performance, because if you don’t enjoy it, why should the audience?


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