Day six

Our first morning in New York, we got to experience the Morning Star Diner, which we packed out. The service was quick and the drinks were plentiful, but it wasn’t long until our bus arrived to take us to the Sony Atrium. There we gathered together under some conveniently placed microphones for a quick performance and went through a handful of songs from our repertoire, including the men’s song Viva la Vida, which gave us women (hurr, I was going to write girls) a while to watch. It was good to see the Norwegian girls again, and they got to see us sing for a bit. Afterwards we swapped places and they sang. We stayed to watch a bit, one of the pieces they performed the other night, and then dispersed for some free time in the area.

Exploring the New York area was good fun, wandering around and seeing nothing in particular. Some of our members got to have lunch in Central Park, but the extent of my New York experience was visiting Trump Tower – as decadent as expected, even though we only passed through the lower floor – and witnessing some road rage where a pedestrian started punching a car.

In the afternoon we went to the Church of St Paul and St Andrew, where we met with all the other choirs in the Rhythms of One World Festival and practiced the songs we will all be singing together at the end of the festival. Gary Fry conducted us, and also taught us the choreography that will go with our singing. Many of our members have started naming the actions so we’ll remember it better. My favourite move is possibly the chicken wing. I had such a fun time learning it all. We were sitting next to one choir and in front of another, and it’d be good to get a chance to talk with people in the others a bit.

After our rehearsal, we voyaged back out onto the bus and to dinner at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, a Forrest Gump-themed restaurant so big and ziggy-zaggy that it had signs pointing the way towards the exit in case you couldn’t find your way out in the maze of tables.

Then, we experienced our first Broadway play! Dun dun dun daah! We saw Jesus Christ Superstar and were left discussing it for ages afterward – the story, style, characterisation, lighting, choreography . . . In fact, probably everything except the costuming. It was certainly a night to remember!


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