Day 8: Singing in Shanghai

Today we flew Air China to Shanghai -also known as the Paris of the East or, as our fabulous Chinese tour guide Marcie also said, “if Beijing is a man then Shanghai is a beautiful woman”. After checking into the 4 star Baosteel Group Baoshan Hotel (http://www.bshotel.com) the Choir set off for rehearsal at the Tei theatre. The Tei theatre is owned by Mr John Dai – a very good friend of the University of Newcastle- and is located in New Jiangwan Town on land that used to be a Chinese air-force base. Hosting the world’s largest skateboard park (http://www.smpskatepark.cn) and set in stunning parkland New Jiangtan Town is an extraordinary example of contemporary urban planning in China. If you are interested in having a look the following link has further information: http://www.shyp.gov.cn/html/english/NewJiangwanTown/list/index.html

Following rehearsal it was on into Pudong on the West side of the Huangpu River for a walk along the Bund- the west side is the home of Shanghai’s financial district (also the financial hub of China) and has a staggering array of skyscrapers that are lit up at night- some are so tall we could not see the top because they were in the clouds!  Tomorrow is a full day of rehearsal so after another impromptu performance on the Bund boardwalk (that once again delighted the crowd of tourists that quickly gathered) we left for the sumptuousness of our hotel (the choir is very happy!


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